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Single Phase vs. Three Phase?

Your AC Transformers FAQSingle Phase vs. Three Phase?

Single Phase vs. Three Phase?  The difference between the two is a commonly posed AC transformer question and it’s important to know what differentiates the two.  This will help you properly determine which is best suited for your power source requirements. 

The definition of a single phase transformer is basically two lines, which are comprised of a primary winding and a secondary winding.  These two windings work together to produce the necessary voltage transformation.  Most power, however, is delivered in the form of three phase power which is the most common type of electricity produced by power companies.  A three phase transformer has three rotating coils, or windings, which pass through a magnetic field to produce electricity.  This electricity is then sent out in three lines, thereby the term “three phase power.”  This answers the basic configuration differences between Single Phase vs. Three Phase.

In the Single Phase vs. Three Phase scenario, the three phaseSingle Phase vs. Three Phase? transformer's windings are spaced 120 degrees apart and must be connected in the proper sequence to match incoming voltage.  The power company voltage is then transformed to the proper polarity and phasing needed for consumption by the general public.  Large industrial loads are more efficiently served by three phase voltage over single phase voltage.  Single phase power is available as two phases in a three phase system, or sometimes, between one phase and ground. 

TEMCo, a power source leader for more than 40 years, carries a full line of transformers to meet your single phase and three phase power requirements.  One of TEMCo's most sought after models is listed below:

Still Have Questions About Single Phase vs. Three Phase?

TEMCo's team of customer service experts is standing by to answer your questions regarding Single Phase vs. Three Phase.  You will find our helpful, knowledgeable, team has the answers to any transformer question you may have.  AC Transformers - Call our specialists at 1-510-490-2187 or 1-800-613-2290

TEMCo carries a broad, complete, line of transformers to meet all of your single phase and three phase power requirements.  You can count on TEMCo to consistently offer the very best pricing along with fast shipping at low rates.  For all of your single phase and three phase transformer needs, look no further than TEMCo.  1-510-490-2187 or 1-800-613-2290.

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Single Phase vs. Three Phase?


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