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Copper vs. Aluminum

Your AC Transformers FAQ

Copper vs. Aluminum, which is better?  This is a common question when you begin comparing AC transformers.  The beginnings of Copper vs. Aluminum can be traced to a time when copper was hard to come by because of WorldCopper vs. Aluminum War II weapons efforts.  Seeking a cost effective alternative to copper, many industries began looking to alternatives, like aluminum.  Aluminum offered several benefits in that it was readily available and the cost was less expensive than copper and price stable.  Because of the advantages aluminum offered, a conversion from copper to aluminum began in the transformer industry between the 1940s-1960s.  Fast forward to today…   Most standard AC transformer lines now utilize aluminum windings in their construction.

The Copper vs. Aluminum comparison does, admittedly, depend quite a bit on the preferences of the user and the applications the transformer will be utilized for.  Both copper and aluminum provide inherent benefits which are listed below:Copper vs. Aluminum

Aluminum Transformers

  • After developing it's oxide barrier, inhibits chemical reactions and is an excellent insulator. 

  • Superior thermal storage capacity with the ability to withstand overload currents and more surge than comparable metals.

  • Excellent conductivity with a long life span.

Copper Transformers

  • Inherently develops an oxide barrier which resists corrosion and maintains strength and conductivity.

  • Excellent conductivity with more current capacity then comparable metals.

  • Highly efficient with lower operating costs.

Still Have Questions About Copper vs. Aluminum?

AC Transformers - Call our specialists at 1-510-490-2187 or 1-800-613-2290

AC Transformers is a division of TEMCo, a power source leader and innovator since 1968.  Following a long-standing commitment to quality, TEMCo’s own transformer line is constructed primarily of copper.

Still have questions about Copper vs. Aluminum? Helpful, TEMCo specialists are standing by to answer any detailed questions you may have regarding Copper vs. Aluminum.  TEMCo has addressed the Copper vs. Aluminum question for more than 40 years and are industry experts on the inherent qualities of each metal.

Whether you are looking for a copper or an aluminum transformer, TEMCo carries exactly the transformer you are looking for!  Count on TEMCo for the best pricing on copper and aluminum transformers with lightening fast shipping at low rates.  1-510-490-2187 or 1-800-613-2290

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Copper vs. Aluminum


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