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Center Tap Transformers

Your AC Transformers FAQ

Center Tap Transformers are simply defined as a transformer with a “tap” in the center of the secondary winding.  This “tap” or additional connection in theCenter Tap Transformers middle of the winding can be used with, or instead of, other types of connections at the ends of the windings.  This scenario provides a variety of winding ratios. 

Typically found in residential wiring, Center Tap Transformers are used as a ground, neutral, connection and provide an option to use full voltage or half on the secondary side.  Each side can provide half of the output capacity of the secondary side that they split.

Center Tap Transformers are found in single-phase as well as three-phase configurations.  Single phase center tap transformers are often utilized in residential and commercial building electrical applications.   Three phase center tap transformers are generally utilized for smaller, auxiliary loads.  Other applications where Center Tap Transformers are commonly utilized include the following power source applications:

  • Audio power amplifier – center tap transformers are utilized to drive push-pull output stages.  Higher audio power with low distortion is achieved when two devices, under Class B, combine outputs.  Small amounts ofCenter Tap Transformers direct current may pass through the winding and and these audio output transformers are specifically designed to tolerate this occurrence.

  • Rectifier – a full-wave rectifier is created with a center tap transformer and two diodes.  This configuration is smoother than a half-wave rectifier because both half cycles of the AC waveform contribute to the direct current.  This configuration is commonly found in vacuum tube equipment and high current applications such as large, auto, battery chargers.

  • Phase splitter – with electric amplifiers, center trap transformers allow the flexibility of coupling at different stages.

More Questions About Center Tap Transformers?

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Center Tap Transformers


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